Surpassing Expectations

Our process is focused on customer satisfaction.

Our Mica Manufacturing & Supply Process

1. Procurement

Our commitment to quality begins with having a close relationship with all the providers of raw materials. These relationships allow us to receive the purest minerals available.


2. Products

We work closely with all customers to provide the best product to fill customer’s needs. Our in-house team works to optimize individual needs and requirements.

3. Production

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products. We sample and inspect the product throughout the process and continually work to improve our process through training.

4. Quality Control

We take the steps to ensure that you receive the product you are expecting every time. The quality is verified by eight different lab tests.

5. Customer Service

In every order, we work to exceed your expectations. Our team works to provide you with a smooth worry-free sale, from receiving the order to lining up transportation, to make sure your delivery is on time.


6. Shipping

We ensure every shipment you receive is clean, neatly stacked and ready for use. We work closely with our quality control department to make sure your product requirements are met and deliveries are made on time, every time.

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