The Arctic Advantage

Arctic Minerals, LLC

  • Global sourcing of the highest quality raw materials since 1979
    • Extensive reserves
  • Worldwide production and distribution
  • Multiple North American manufacturing locations
    • Logistical advantage to most consuming locations
    • Short lead times
    • High level of customer service
  • Broad range of particle sizes



Thermaflex™ Phlogopite Mica

  • High purity
    • No detectable levels of crystalline silica
  • High aspect ratio
  • Durability of platelets
    • Enhanced recycling properties
  • Excellent thermal performance


Briteflex® Muscovite Mica

  • Significantly higher brightness than other muscovite mica
    • Enhanced color properties of finished goods
  • High purity
    • Strong product performance
    • Consistent rheology